Making the Best of Colognes

Applying cologne is a pretty straightforward thing. But there’s so much going on before one decides to buy a fragrance they’d be comfortable enough to use. In addition to this, there are also other tips such as ones found over at that can help men optimize choosing and using of cologne.

Truth is, a lot of men use cologne without any thought if they have been doing it right. A lot of men unconsciously mimic their old folks as these men splash Old Spice on their chest and neck after shaving. However, things have been different now. And a lot of men’s perfume nowadays differs not only in their fragrance but strength as well.

Sometimes, it is not ideal to splash or spray colognes. It can have unfavorable effects on the cologne’s aromatic flow that can cause passer-by cough due to its offensive reek. So, if you know that your fragrance is too strong, use it moderately. Just remember to apply the cologne before you put on your clothing. This protects your clothes from possible stains and also conceals the fragrance so it won’t smell too offensive. If you apply the fragrance on your clothes, you will smell stinky instead as if you are wearing old day cologne. Wearing different fragrances over your apparel will also mix various smells over time. This will emanate strange smells. Saturating your body with cologne doesn’t help either. All you need to remember is to hit the pulse points and you are good to go. These are areas where blood vessels are closes to your skin. Since they emanate heat, it will allow your cologne’s fragrance to blend with your natural odor and pheromones. Hence, it permeates from your skin, travelling to the air. Since the smell will blend with your body’s distinct chemistry, you will have your own smell. Hence, it won’t be surprising why 2 men wearing similar fragrances would not smell the same. The pulse points include the collarbone area, behind the ears, wrists, behind the knees and below your belly button.

Meanwhile, if you want the fragrance to last long, never rub it against your skin. Friction breaks the molecules down, making it dissipate quickly. Most of all, this results to flat smell. Applying cologne behind the knees is not only effective to men but to women as well. This allows them to conservatively apply their favorite fragrance.

If you don’t know the real reason why you wear perfumes and colognes, these will end up working against you and not for you. Remember that fragrances are worn to attract and never to repel. You must make your fragrance appealing and not offensive. It must draw people to you and not scare them away.  Gradual detection is the key. This will seduce people around you in the long run.

Applying colognes on the face is not advisable. Aftershaves as well as skin conditioners will suffice to keep your face smelling fresh.  An after shave lotion contains fragrance on it. Hence, they are worth the investment.