Reviews Of The Best Snowboarding Helmets

Protecting the head is not only a concern of the snowboarders, but in today’s date even people from the cycling industry are equally concerned. Hence technology had to advance heavily to live up to the expectations of all these people and recently there have been some new entries in the field on snowboarding helmets as demonstrated at Here are the some of the best snowboarding helmets :

1) The Anon Prime

This helmet has an in-built technology from ICEdot, which helps in case of an emergency head injury. It can send notifications to the emergency contacts and would also assist anyone (who responds first) with important medical advice. The MIPS technology helps the head to be protected from direct impacts, thus living upto its expectations and name. It has 23 vents and airflow channels that are specific to the goggles and can be correctly categorized as a high – tech helmet. The Anon Prime is ideal for any kind of back country adventure. Also it has chin straps that are magnetic in nature, removable ear flaps and compatible audio system.

2) K2 Diversion

The K2 Diversion is considered to have the techiest look and has an in-built feature of Dual-Active-Matrix-Venting. This feature allows the user to choose in between the dual venting levels based on the atmospheric temperature or based on what the user is doing (i.e either touring or riding). There is a removable liner that is washable and the Fit System (360 K2Dialed) is meant for adjustments while on the go. There is a also an all controlled dial band that can be tightened around the temples to maintain the firm position of the lid. The K2 Diversion also comes with seamless ear flaps, headphones that are controlled by a remote and a removable Audio System.

3) Lazer Hoodie

The Lazer Hoodie is comparatively a much simpler helmet that can be said to have a “skate-style” look. There is an impact absorption process that is very sturdy and it is very light-weighed that fits comfortably and can be adjusted well, due to the Advanced-Turnfit-System. The ear flaps contain in-built audio systems that has ear buds that can be easily adjusted through the ear canal. The Cappucinnolock accessory (the best feature of the helmet) is a kind of lock that can be fitted into the pocket and the helmet straps can become a security system when the snowboards are left alone all by itself for sometime (like when the snowboarder has gone for a cup of tea or coffee).

4) Oakley Mod5

The Oakley Mod5 has an unusual design where there are 2 parts to the outer shell – there are thicker walls as compared to some other parts of the helmet. The MBS or the Modular Brim System accommodates micro adjustment so that any goggle can be fitted and the Brim Ventilation can be used to lessen fogging. There is also a liner that can be removed and can be replaced with a beanie. The Fidlock Buckle is magnetic in nature that keeps the straps together even during times of heavy mitts. This is also a techy helmet both look wise and function wise and is ideal for a mountaineer.