Guide To Choosing The Best Bean Bag For Your Garden


A bean bag is a piece of furniture used for lounging indoor and out doors. Bean bags are common in food joints, offices, hotels and gardens. They can be made from fake fur, corduroy to synthetic material.
In this article we want to focus on best way to solve your seating needs on how to choose the best bean bag for your garden asoutdoor bean bags need to be water proof and UV resistant to make them perfect for lounging in your garden. So here is what to look out for.

PVC and PU Coating

Select bean bags with these type of coating on the surface for good durability and better water resistance. But for even better performance of the bean bag always go with PU (polyurethane) coatings over PVC as PU has a higher threshold for temperature and are breathable unlike PVC which degrade faster when exposed to direct sunlight and are not breathable.

Mold Resistance

This is a factor to consider when choosing outdoor bean bags. Always check if the coating material has antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacterial growth. This feature will increase the overall life span of your bean bags. So will a careful choice of the refill material, among which the big joe chairs refill is highly recommended.

UV Treatment

To choose the ideal bean bag for your garden also factor in the UV treatment done to it. The external cover should get treatment to protect it from the daily suns rays that cause heat damage and fading. This treatment will keep your outdoor bean bags always look colourful for a very long time.

Quality of material

Avoid cheaply made bean bags. It may seem cheap and pocket friendly at the moment but these do deteriorate very fast and force to go back and buy new ones costing you twice as much. A mixture of nylon and PVC in the product is also not ideal as these tend to be tougher with less flexibility, this drastically reduces the comfort of the bean bag and bean bags are all about comfort right! Go for a mixture of 600D(Denier, durability measurement ) polyester these have awesome quality and the desired comfort.


When choosing bean bags always factor in the amount of space available in your garden and who will be using it. They range from baby bean bags to double bean bags. For occasional seating small adult bean bags are ideal. Bigger ones are great for spending hours reading or lounging with family. If you want a bean bag just as a spare seat when you have guests around, then smaller light ones are fine to ease storage once the guests leave. Do not be carried away with the moment and end up buying something way too big or small. The last thing you want is to get home and realize that the bean bag does not serve you as you intended.

Fire Retardant

Check if your out door bean bags pass the relevant fire safety regulations in your area to avoid any fires during those outdoor barbecue late night parties with family and friends.

So there you have it, a informative guide to choosing the best Bean Bag for your garden. Get your self some and start enjoying the comfort of bean bags while adding beauty to your home décor.