How Does The Deer Feeding Time Influence Your Hunting Plan

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced buck hunter, you should know that the optimal deer hunting time happens to be just when the full moon comes around. Most deer start feeding just as the moon peaks overhead and this should provide you with an optimal time for hunting the buck down.

While hunting buck or any other deer is easier said than done, it is always a good idea to time your hunting as per deer feeding times for the following reasons.

1. Avoiding long endurance sit-ins on the stand:

You can always opt to wait but chances are that the deer is already aware of your presence thanks to your human odor. So if you prefer to avoid long sit in’s at the deer hunting stand, then the best option for hunting the crepuscular mammals is by timing it to their feeding habits.

For starters, you can wrap up the hunt quickly and would not have to spend long hours waiting the deer out. And for another, you can count on getting the whole hunt wrapped up within a few hours.

2. Timing matters:

It is essential that you are able to figure out the times that deer come out to mosey for food and what food sources they would be aiming for so that you can park yourself in the right place at the right time. When it comes to feeding, most deer prefer to feed around twilight and preferably around full moon.

While hunting in the dark may seem like a disadvantage, you can always co-opt the latest tech including night vision glasses to see better in the dark. While deer in general do move about during day and night, it is only when they are feeding that their guard is lowered enough so that you can approach closer for that perfect shot.

3. The grazing grounds:

Once you have figured out the sort of food that the deer are grazing on, you can make a valid assumption and locate their prime grazing grounds. Deer, in general, tend to be lazy and opt to graze around verdant growth. So essentially, they would hone in on fresh new shoots, and new grazing patches with thick growth.

You can utilize this info to locate, and target the deer, from a prime position. And since most deer feed around twilight, you should still have an hour or so of sunlight left which you can use to bag yourself a deer.

Knowing the Basics

This is how the deer feeding time can actually impact your hunting plan. And if it gets too dark quickly, you can always use advanced tech including night vision glasses to hunt the deer down.

Just remember that deer are spooked easily and are highly sensitive to loud noises, human odor which is why you may want to lay off deodorants and anything else that can cause the deer to veer away and cause you to lose out on the hunt.