What To Look For When Buying A Garage Door Opener

When buying a product, many people make price a priority thereby forgetting other important considerations. If shopping for a garage door opener, ensure that it’s not only good for your garage but also good for your life. If you make the best choice, your garage door opener can last for a decade if not a lifetime. Therefore, spend more time and effort making the best choice possible. With three common types of garage door openers such as belt drive, chain drive, and screw drive, consider their advantages and disadvantages as you weigh them based on your lifestyle. Read more on what to look for when buying a garage door opener.

Motor size

One of the most important things to look for when buying the best garage door openers is the size of the motor. Your garage door opener should be 1.5 horsepower unit longevity. Nevertheless, considering a garage door opener with larger motor is advantageous; it lasts longer because it doesn’t work too hard.

Determine what works best for you

Before spending your money on a garage door opener, consider factors such as low maintenance, economical, and a quiet opener. Besides, consider the location of your garage, meaning that a quiet opener can suit you if your home is above the garage.

Chain drive

If you’re looking for the least expensive garage door openers, chain drives are what you should look for. They are also very dependable, but the noisiest. At times, the chain stretches thus requiring maintenance such as oiling. If you don’t have enough money and won’t mind about the noise, going for a chain drive would be a perfect choice.

Screw drive

Screw drives have few moving parts that lift your door by utilizing a threaded steel rod. With the number of moving parts they possess, they require minimal maintenance. They have plastic lined tracks that make them convenient for you as they reduce the noise. They can be used for any garage door, but if you want to lift heavy double doors, screw drive is what you need.

Belt drive

Belt drives are the most convenient garage door openers for individuals who don’t like noise, as they are the quietest. However, they come with other needs as they are the most expensive openers. Their mechanism revolves around a flexible rubberized belt that raises and lowers the door, but the belt must be adjusted as it stretches. They have more moving parts when compared with screw drives, but can lift heavy garage doors. Interestingly, belt drive would be the best choice if your house is directly adjacent to a garage, or above the garage. If you have enough money, don’t look for other garage door opener but belt drive; it provides you with a conducive environment free from noise.

This article provides insight on what you should be looking for when buying a garage door opener. Even though the price is among the factors to consider, there are other crucial things to look for. Take your time and make the best decision, keeping in mind that the decision you make in the purchase of an opener will not affect your garage but also your lifestyle.

Who Will Win The Battle Between The Fastest External Hard Drives This Year

For a while people were asking: who will win the battle between the fastest external hard drives this year? Many people specifically defended solid state drives. Hard disk drives also had their defenders. However, it seems that people have finally come down on the side of solid state drives for a number of reasons.

It should be noted that there actually are hybrid drives these days. Some people might find that the hybrid drives form a nice compromise between solid state drives and hard disk drives. They don’t have all of the advantages associated with either solid state drives or hard disk drives. However, they have some of them, and that can make a difference.


It’s hard to argue when it comes to the speed of the average solid state drive. They’re five times faster than fastest external hard drive at least. Using a solid state drive can really make a huge difference while the system is booting up and during data movement.

People also don’t have to worry about fragmentation with solid state drives, and that can make all the difference in terms of what they can accomplish overall. Fragmentation slows everything down considerably. All files will be processed very quickly. This will have a huge impact on the performance of the solid state drives.


A lot of people used to argue in favor of hard disk drives because they were cheaper. However, solid state drives have come down in price to a certain extent, and some of the newer hard disk drives are not much less expensive than they are.

People won’t save a lot of money by purchasing a hard disk drive instead of a solid state drive. They will also feel the consequences of choosing a hard disk drive each and every time they use it as well. Most solid state drives are inexpensive and affordable enough for people today, and they have almost every reason to choose them.

The fact that solid state drives have relatively low power needs is something else that people should consider when calculating the price. They might be able to save some money in the process of just running these drives.

Storage Capacity

There are some people who are going to continue to argue in favor of hard disk drives on the basis of their storage capacity. There are solid state drives that have comparative storage capacities. However, almost all of them are too expensive for many people, who might choose to opt for hard disk drives instead.

However, many users really don’t have all that much data to store in the first place. This is the kind of thing that varies from user to user. People who have at least 1TB of data might be able to justify getting a hard disk drive instead of a solid state drive.

Still, for a lot of other users, the storage space just is not going to be worth it. They need to think about all of the other advantages inherent to solid state drives before they really move ahead with hard disk drives.